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Sheik, Darunia and Ruto confirmed by Famitsu for Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou). New weapons for Impa and Lana. Link and Zelda Ocarina of Time costumes.
- Toys with her enemies with ninja like movement
- Uses the harp as her main weapon
- Also carries knives
- With the harp she can play magical melodies to assign various elemental attributes and to attack with that attribute
- With the power of flame Sheik can drop flaming boulders on enemies
- If you perform “unleash of magical power”, you can use the power of lightning to sweep enemies
- Sheik speaks in a mysterious way that has hidden hints of the future
- Sheik is addressed as a brave warrior from the Sheikah tribe; there is no word that she is Zelda
- In the story, Sheik appears before Link and co. and suggests cooperation Princess Ruto
- She uses magic to summon water, move and attack
- Ruto can also unleash power that has been gathered from attacks to shoot water
- She is proud but has a gentle heart
Lake Hylia
- When Cia twisted dimensions, lake’s surroundings were influenced with ice
- Sheik and Impa encounter hostile Zelda in the water temple
- Zelda also has company in the form of some monsters
- Sheik aims the lens of truth towards the person who looks like Zelda and… (Famitsu doesn’t finish the sentence)
- Has superhuman strength and handles the heavy hammer with ease
- His specialty is a rolling attack
- He can also summon the power of fire by hitting the ground
Death Mountain
- Sheik and Impa walk towards Death Mountain to stop some monsters
- On the way they encounter a fairy who tells them that unusual things have happened
- Sheik and Impa then speed up their travel
- But does that fairy shout “Hey!” with robust voice?
- Uses halberd with a fire element
- Can attack enemies with giant blades
- Can also create walls of fire to pincer enemies’ movement or create dragon of flames to burn down enemies
- Uses a big branch and lends the power of the Deku Tree
- Uses seeds, leaves, and roots to attack
- Can plant seeds into the ground
- The seed will soon grow and when the transformation is complete it will unleash attacks; you can ride the Deku child
- She can use the Deku Leaf from Wind Waker to blow enemies away from a large range
Faron Woods
- Original stage for this game
- The center piece of the forest is the Great Deku Tree which is huge and has many branches
- Great Deku Tree acts as a guardian deity
- People have built a village in the forest; they can take shelter in the caves of the great tree
- You can pick force shards or kill enemies to build up knockout/musou attack meter
- When it is full you can unleash a powerful knockout attack which attacks enemies from a wide area
- There are also items that build up a magic meter
- When full, you can perform “unleash of magical power”
- This effect lets you attack faster
- You can obtain the boomerang from a treasure chest and use it as an item
- If the boomerang hits an enemy, it will make it stand still for a short amount of time
- You may also acquire strengthening item which transform the boomerang into the Gale Boomerang
- Gale Boomerang springs forth a tornado which will make enemies float
- If enemies are hit when they are midair they will take more damage than usual
- There are 100 Gold Skulltulas in the world
- One will appear as an enemy if certain special conditions are met
- If you slay one, you will get an illustration piece
- You can find information about Skulltulas in the stage select screen
- You will know that a Skulltula has appeared from a spider web like marker on the map which also pins down the location
- Then you have limited time to find and slay it
- If you are nearby, you will hear a rustling sound
- In the picture, one of the Skulltulas is under some large boulder so bombs are needed to uncover it
- Skulltula appearance is related to used weapon/character, at least in some cases

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idk ash lemme just check my pocket dictionary

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